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Carson City Council Adopts $76.2 Million Budget 'On Time' for Fiscal Year 2016-17
May 2016 Update - Carson Street Master Plan Implementation
Focus On The City Of Carson: Real Estate Developments, Business Growth Brighten City's Future, Despite Challenges
[ 5/23/2016, Long Beach Business Journal ]
Despite NFL Stadium Loss, Carson Sees New Commercial And Residential Developments
[ 5/23/2016, Long Beach Business Journal ]
2016-2017 Annual Action Plan - Community Development Department [ 5/19/2016]
The Carson Mobilehome Park Ordinance- Current Protections and Proposed Updates [ 5/10/2016]
The City of Carson invites community-based organizations and/or agencies to submit proposals for Cultural Arts Contract Activities for a 12-month period beginning July 1, 2016 and ending June 30, 2017. Click here for the RFP details.
Los Angeles County Homeless Services Authority - Emergency Response Team and Other Services Contact Information
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City-Wide Updates

Carson Vision Plan

Oil Code Update

Carson Street Plan

Carousel Tract

405 Wilmington Ave Project

Utility User's Tax Exemption

Residential Property Reports

Construction Projects